Monday, November 3, 2008

Get ready for Christmas

This is not your normal posting for getting ready for Christmas. In these darkening days we need to be ready at all times to share the hope that is in us (1Pet 3:15) and "go" and make disciples of all nations (Mark 16:15). It is our responsibility to put feet to our faith that God has so graciously provided. Here are a few thoughts on putting the emphasis where it should be for Christmas which is Christ.

Here are free gospel quizzes to hand out during the season.

Here are some ideas on how you could use these:

1) Have your Sunday School class go to the mall and hand them out with mini-candy canes.
2) Give them out to the people you work with.
3) Enclose them in your Christmas cards to your unsaved friends and family members.
4) Go Christmas caroling and include them in bags of Christmas candy for each house you stop at.
5) Put together a Christmas gift basket (Include cocoa, mugs, candy canes, a Christmas music CD, and/or homemade cookies) and go introduce yourself you one of your neighbors.
6) Go to a place where teens gather, (outside of movie theaters, at local fast-food restaurants, in malls), start a conversation and offer a cash gift to the one who gets the most answers correct.
7) Get a booth at a flea-market or swap meet, and give away giant candy canes to every person who will take the "Christmas Quiz Challenge!"

The ideas are really endless, because Christmas sparks an atmosphere of open friendliness with strangers. At this time of year, when Christians celebrate the birth of our Savior, make it your personal priority to tell as many people as you can about Him. The most important thing you could do this Christmas (or any time) is to get the gospel into the hands and minds of the unsaved!

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