Thursday, January 22, 2009

An illustration of being set free!

I got this illustration of being set free from a sermon by Paris Reidhead called "So Great Salvation"...if you want to read the whole sermon here is the link.

Years ago an Englishman, had gone out to California. Made his fortune in the gold fields and he wanted to go back and live with his own people. So, he sent his money by check around; back to England and he came overland to Kansas City and down in Missouri and then in Mississippi and ended up in New Orleans where he was going to take a ship to New York and from there to England. Now, as a tourist in New Orleans he did as most tourists do; he went down to the slave market. Only then, in the early 1850's, there were still slaves being sold and as he went into the market he saw a lot of men gathered there and one young Negro woman who was very beautiful was up for bid.

He heard the men as they were speaking about her. He saw two evil looking men bidding for her, quite heatedly, and then he heard them say what they would do with her and his heart just revolted against the whole swinish thing. Finally, when they were bidding and the prices were getting very high and he just couldn't stand it. So, he beckoned to the auctioneer and he said a figure which was exactly twice the last bid, utterly beyond anything that had ever been paid for a slave in that market before.

The auctioneer said, "have you got the money?" Then he came up and said, "yes, I've got the money." So, the bill of sale was made out, he went over to the block to take the woman that he purchased, and as she came down one step and stood just about level with his eyes, she had made a mouthful of spittle, and she spat right full in his face, and hissed through her clenched teeth "I hate you." He said nothing, with the back of his hand he whipped the spittle away.

Then, he took her by the hand, walked down the street, across this intersection, through the mud and down that street. Until, he came to a little office building. She couldn't read and didn't know what it was. He went to the desk, began to speak, the man behind the desk began to protest. He said I insist it's the law, I insist. Finally, he came back paid some money and got a paper. He walked over to the woman, that was like a beast ready to spring on him, and he handed the paper out and he said: here, here are your manumission papers. You're free. She still hissed, I hate you. He said, didn't you understand? Here are your manumission papers "you're free." She said, "no, you paid twice as much for me as they've ever paid for anybody on that block. Now, you are giving me my freedom"? I don't believe you." He said, "yes, these are your manumission papers, and he put them in her hand."

She said, "stop, Mister, do you mean to say that you bought me to set me free?" He said, "yes, that's why I bought you. To set you free." Tears came up into her eyes, they hadn't known tears for a long time. They just spilled over, her face softened, and then she slipped down on her hands and knees, and she reached down and put her hands on those rough minors boots and then laid her cheek down on the toe of one of them and through her tears she sobbed; "oh you bought me to set me free, you bought me to set me free. You paid more for me than has ever been paid before, just to set me free." Then, she through her tears she looked and said, "oh sir, all I want in life, is to be your slave. You bought me, to set me free."

Listen, the Lord Jesus Christ bought you. To set you free, and when you understand that, than it's the joy of your life. To come, and stand against the door of grace and let him bore through the ear of your heart that you can be his bond slave forever. He bought you. He bought you! To set you free. Not only from hell, but from the world and the flesh and the devil. Oh come to him, kiss his nail pierced feet, and through all humble tears surrender yourself to he that is most holy, and serve him. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful illustration of the cost of freedom! Freedom is not free, but thanks be to God that sent the ultimate sacrifice to cover our debt!