Friday, December 19, 2008

What is it time for?

When the last american idol champion won many people on the stage, in the audience and at home shed tears for such a victory. When Philly beat our the Rays many people were in tears and parades were planned for the victors. When Barack Obama won the presidential race and gave his victory speech with hundreds of thousands watching many were moved to tears. The shortest verse in all the Bible is one of the most profound, it is found in John 11 and states "Jesus wept".

Is it our due time to weep over the things that so moved Jesus? How about sin in all its perverseness? How about so many people living in bondage to the enemy yet not knowing it? How about the church goers that trust in their confession or religious routine? How about family and friends that are bound for an eternity in hell? How about humanities pride against a loving, merciful and holy God? How about those that have embedded pains that have never been examined and healed? How about our own lives in light of what God has called us to be?

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