Sunday, November 8, 2009

Doctor Cures the Cancer of a Dead Person!

Dr. Juste claims he has found the cure to cancer in people that have already died and he has the science to back it up. Mr. John Victime died of bone cancer at 9:25 am on Friday, November 6, 2009 and his body was sent to the office of Dr. Juste immediately after his death. Dr. Juste then proceeded to take a special balm and rub it all over the body of Mr. Victime and sent the body back to the hospital where Mr. Victime died just hours earlier. The body underwent a series of test and it is confirmed that Mr. Victime’s cancer is no longer present, in fact not even a trace of it was found.

Dr. Juste has been curing the cancer of the dead for years and has become quite famous for it. Mr. Victime was at his prime in life when the cancer slowly ate away the inside of his body to the point he couldn’t even feed himself anymore. Scientist monitored him as he slowly succumbed to the deadly disease. They tested him in ten different ways to verify what was actually killing him and there was no doubt it was the deadly cancer. When the scientist tested Mr. Victime’s dead body they were amazed at the complete eradication of the cancer and every test verified that he was cancer free at his burial.

Of course the story is fictitious but it is an allegory of the modern gospel that is being preached. The modern gospel teaches that sin is the culprit and it is sin that must be dealt with and they will say Jesus came to die for your sin…that is true but not the whole truth. Sin must be dealt with and it was on the cross but so much more has happened, so much more needed to happen.

The bible says that we are dead in our trespasses and sins…dead spiritually (Eph 2:1). Sin is the cancer that is killing us (Rom 6:23). Sin is our attitude of independence from God and the results of sins is what you see because of this independence. Sins manifest themselves in different people in different ways. Sins might consist of something like adultery, lying, stealing, pride, gossiping, anger, covetousness, blaspheme, and a whole list of other things that many do in their daily life. Sin (in the singular) is the attitude towards God of independence of Him and thus dependence upon ourselves and the world’s system to get our needs met…sins (in the plural) is what happens as a result of this attitude. Jesus not only died for our sins and bore them in His body (1Pe 2:24) we died with him (2Cor 5:14) to sin and were raised to newness of life (Rom 6:6, 2Cor 5:17).

There are so many well meaning Christians that have come to Jesus to have their sins forgiven so that they can be with Him in heaven one day…but that is not the gospel. Paul said if I preach a different gospel it is no gospel at all (2Cor 11:4). What is being preached is a powerless gospel (2Tim 3:5) that has the appearance of godliness but denys its power. They are powerless against sin and have taken on the motto of the “defeated Christian” (which is not what that verse is speaking of) from Romans 7:15…the bible says have nothing to do with them.

They have gotten away from the reason that Christ came as the bread of Life, as the Way the Truth and the Life, so that we could have Life and Have it abundantly (John 10:10). What we have today is a bunch of Dr. Juste’s curing the dead of cancer and not telling them where or how to have Life. The New Covenant is all about Life in abundance not about sin (Eze 36:26)…it is about walking with our God in close relationship and being moved and directed by Him (John 10:16). We have today many frustrated Christians because they are still blind to the truth (Joh 8:32) and as such play right into what the devil desires to do, which is to steal, kill and destroy that divine life (Joh 10:10). Oh, I pray that God will continue to open the eyes of the people to His divine life that they can have by just repenting (changing their mind and understanding) and believing the gospel (John 14:20)

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