Thursday, November 12, 2009

My First Video Teaching

Here is a video that I just put together to start teaching the Bible. I am still in need of a few supplies which should be coming in the mail to make the videos look a bit more professional. Give it a view and see what you think.


Towana C. said...

Dave, I love this. I love the simple and clear way you explained repentance. Just excellent! keep going brother. It is God who is doing a good work through you. You're going to be a blessing to the hearers. My prayer is when people hear you proclaim the gospel (good news) that they will receive it with joy and meekness of heart, Hallelujah!

Rod said...

Good stuff - enjoyed your video teaching. So many people miss the opportunity to learn what it is to repent, grow etc. They become easily stagnant and wonder why it happened.